Solve Your Check Engine Woes

Solve Your Check Engine Woes


Check engine light on?  My auto repair shop charges $169 just for a diagnostic fee.  Today’s cars will tell you what’s wrong.  So, before I pay some tool $169 to tell me a $20 O2 sensor has gone bad, I always pull out this Bad Boy and fire up my smart phone to read the code.  That’s right, this thing *is* under $25.   It syncs to your phone via Bluetooth, reads codes, clears codes, and performs other diagnostics.  There are many online sites that can translate the code for you.  Remember, you won’t pass emissions with that check engine light on.  I’m not sure if erasing the codes just before you pull in the test center is frowned on, but it might buy you some time. Most ODB2 interfaces have plenty of space to connect.  If not you can always extend the interface with an extension cable.



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