Hub+ for The New Macbook – Your Solution for Missing Ports

Hub+ for The New Macbook – Your Solution for Missing Ports

hub plus featuredThe new Apple Macbook is super cool, lightweight, and awesome. The bad news (for some people) is that has only one port (well, two if you count the headphone port). It’s a USB-C port. Before you freak out, you should know a bit about this new USB-C thing.

  • It is for data, display, and power
  • It’s powerful – transferring 20 volts or 100 watts in both directions
  • It’s fast – up to 10 Gbps (twice the speed of USB 3.0 and matching the Apple Lightning port)
  • It’s small and reversible, so don’t worry about which way you plug it in

See this nice Cnet article for more details on USB-C.

So, USB-C is impressive, but what if you want to plug multiple devices and/or charge your Macbook at the same time? Yeah. That’s a problem. The solution is the new Kickstarter project called the Hub+.

hub plus side view

This sleek little hub allows you to connect a bunch of external devices to the Macbook all at once. It has:

  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 1 SDXC card reader
  • 1 mini DisplayPort (mDP 1.2 video output, 4k displays at 60Hz refresh rate)
  • 3 USB-A 3.0 \ charging ports

If you’re still not sold because you don’t want to carry this thing around with you all the time, what if I told you that it also has a built-in lithium ion battery to charge any phone?  Well, it does. And that’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested in the Hub+ head on over to Kickstarter and check it out. Tell’em EveryJack sent ya.