Web Cameras

Web Cameras

foscamI’ve purchased three of these Foscams.  I think they are the best value cam on the market.  Why?   Let’s compare it to.. say….  Nest’s Dropcam.   PRICE: DropCams are selling for about $200 on Amazon.  Foscams are available for about $60.   PICTURE: You can get an HD Foscam for under $75.  Additionally, it has night vision.  MOTION: You can remotely move the Foscam lens up, down, whatever.  Does not look like the Dropcam moves at all.  FEATURES:  You can listen, speak (creepy), record, preset views, etc..   BONUS:  In my opinion, the best thing about these Foscams is the fact that you don’t have to sling your video out to some web server on the Internet (like DropCam).  Who knows where that video will end up.  You can reach the Foscam directly, at home or away.  Dropcams might be easier to get up and running from the Internet.  Whatever, I had my Foscam up and running in less than 20 minutes.  So, check these out before you dump $200 into a cam with limited functionality.


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