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Have you ever sat at a conference all day or been on a flight to find that your phone battery has hit rock bottom?  The AC outlets are far and few between or just nowhere to be found.  We’ve all been there, dude.  You step out for a break during the conference to make a call, but you debate whether to do it because you know the call will suck another precious percentage out of your digital lifeline.  A supplemental USB power supply is a MUST.  Once you start using one of these, you will feel shirtless without it, especially on the road.  I have and recommend the Jackery Bar Premium.  This thing packs 6000mAh and pumps out 2.1A.  What does that mean?  It means rapid charging for a smart phone and will even support larger devices, like iPads.  It’s compact and lightweight. It also has a built in flashlight (meh).  You can get one of these for less than a round of drinks.  Makes a perfect gift for anyone.   Enjoying EveryJack? Subscribe today and get posts sent by email. If you don’t like email, follow EveryJack on Twitter or “like” EveryJack on Facebook.