Organize your keys with Keysmart

Organize your keys with Keysmart

If you’re like most people, as you get older and have more responsibility, you get more keys. When EveryJack was just a kid, the only key we had was a house key. Then we got a locker, a car, an apartment, an office, a significant other with an apartment, etc, etc. Even if you limit your keys to just the essential few, it can still mean that you are carrying around 3-4 keys every day.

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Organize your noisy, thigh-stabbing set of keys into a nice, compact package with Keysmart. The standard design is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel and fits up to four keys, but Keysmart is completely expandable and can easily be configured to handle more keys that you would ever want to carry. You can also get cool accessories that are specially made for your Keysmart, like a USB drive, quick disconnect (a.k.a S-biner), and bottle opener, among others.

Keysmart is available in an array of colors or in natural titanium. It is offered in two sizes, standard and extended, which allows you to choose the best option design to house your keys. All Keysmarts come with an adaptor to fit a standard key ring (the adaptor will take up one of the key storage locations), and this will allow you to connect a modern car key or remote entry fob. Adding and removing keys is simple, and can be done with the use of a coin.

Keysmart sells direct from their website or through Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

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