A tech watch for watch lovers

A tech watch for watch lovers

Tissot 4 watchEveryJack knows the Apple Watch is considered “the” tech watch these days, and that wearable technology is a booming market. However, if you’re really into watches, you probably consider today’s smart watches a novelty: features first and watch second. Enter the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar. EJ discovered this watch purely by accident one day when strolling past a jewelry store display window. Needing to kill some time, it was the perfect opportunity to see this time piece up close.

Here are the basics:

  • 45mm Titanium case (nice, beefy size)
  • Tactile sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant to 100m/330ft (take that, Apple Watch)
  • POWERED BY LIGHT (take that again, Apple Watch)

Touch-based features:

  • Chronograph, regatta, and countdown timers
  • Compass with true north and azimuth settings
  • Barometric pressure (weather trending)
  • Altimeter
  • Alarm (of course)
Tissot 1

Tissot unclasped

Tissot box

This watch is very cool. When you pick it up, it is solid and it immediately gives the impression of quality. The watch is available in a wide range of bracelets. Trying on a model with a silicon rubber or leather bracelet, you fully expect it to close with a traditional “box and tongue” clasp, like the kind found on traditional belts. Not the T-Touch Expert Solar! All bracelets have a sturdy butterfly-style locking clasp. When you press the button to active the touch feature, the hour and minute hands quickly move into position indicating the selected mode, and the digital display shows more useful information. In Compass and Meteo modes, the hands move into position to indicate information. In compass mode, for example, the hour and minute hands point in opposite directions to form the compass “needle”. The hands continue to move in tandem to update the compass reading. The integrated LCD screen also displays additional information for each mode.

Tissot refers to the movement of the watch as ETA E84.305. EJ doesn’t know what this stands for, but we can tell you that the watch doesn’t have a second hand and there are no dramatic jumps of the minute hand every 60 seconds. Instead, time is kept with small movements of the minute hand every few seconds, and the nearly unnoticeable small changes of the minute hand give the illusion of an automatic movement. For those still struggling to tell time the old fashioned way, the time is also shown in the LCD screen.

To see the watch in action and for a good overview of the history of the Tissot T-Touch line, check out this review of a prototype of the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar by aBlogtoWatch.com:

The Tissot T-touch Expert Solar retails for $1,150, but there are reputable stores offering the watch $750-$850 depending on the bracelet style, including several online stores selling trough Amazon.