The Best Apple Watch Bands Not Sold by Apple

The Best Apple Watch Bands Not Sold by Apple

Unlike a smartphone, your watch is very personal. And as much as we love our Apple Watches, sometimes we need a little variation to make them stand out from the crowd. The standard black leather strap is good, but you might want to change it up a bit on occasion. Thankfully, the design of the Apple Watch allows you to swap out the bands with ease. EveryJack found five great straps to give your wrist a little variety.

Jisocase Vintage Brown Genuine Leather

apple watch body 1This brown leather band is perfect for the weekend. It has a more casual vibe, but maintains the upscale look that your Apple Watch needs. Laid back but not cheap. About $30 on Amazon.

Niutop Precision Classic Polished Stainless Steel Rose Bracelet

apple watch body 2The Niutop Precision is an eye-catcher. If you really want to stand out and send the message that you do not conform to the masses (even while wearing the most popular smartwatch) this is the option for you. This is all about the bling.  Also comes in gold.  About $42 on Amazon.

Roti Black Stainless Steel Milanese Loop Mesh

apple watch body 3 black milasApple’s Milanese Loop band is beautiful, but at $149, it’s a bit pricey. The Roti Milanese Loop band is more than $100 cheaper and it comes in black or steel color. One drawback, it uses a clasp rather then a magnetic closure. Sleek and comfortable. About $40 on Amazon.

Poetic Ultra Rugged Active Workout Case/Band

apple watch body 4If you need ultimate protection for your Apple Watch, the Poetic Ultra Rugged is the band for you. This thing is heavy duty and it’s not just a band, it’s also a case that envelopes your watch to protect it from all the dangers of the modern world. Rugged and stylish. About $25 on Amazon.

Wiiwatch Genuine Crocodile Leather Strap

apple watch body 5This leather band in crocodile print is perfect if you want to rock your new-fangled Apple Watch in an old-school way. Perfect for the office, or a more formal night out. Sophisticated and classy. About $25 on Amazon.

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