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Does your Windoze computer take forever to boot and seem to run slower and slower over time?  A big factor in your PC performance is the number of applications running.  While you can easily control the applications that you manually open and close, you usually cannot see most of those that start up automatically.  It seems that EVERY software vendor wants their applications to run constantly.  So annoying.  Some of them do it for updating purposes, but who knows what the others are doing.  EveryJack doesn’t need Skype, Quicktime, the Adobe Gamma loader, and whatever running from boot up until shutdown.  Sucks up memory and CPU cycles.  Fortunately Microsoft provides a tool named Autoruns, which can help reduce this problem.  Use this tool to manage the programs that are started when you boot and log into your computer.  You can disable those things that you do not regularly use.  If you aren’t sure what a program is, use your favorite Internet search tool to identify it.  You might just find something you don’t need at all or perhaps some Spyware or Malware in the list.  But be careful, this tool is powerful, enabling you to turn off essential system processes.  So, be sure to do some research before monkeying with the unknowns.  Download your copy today at the following URL:   Enjoying EveryJack? Subscribe today and get posts sent by email. If you don’t like email, follow EveryJack on Twitter or “like” EveryJack on Facebook.